Who we are

We are not just customizable property management software solution.

But real personal care service - we work with you and for you until it actually works.

We know what you need

Collect payments, check balance, generate Invoices, receipts, automatic balance calculation, maintenance, analytics, account receivable , renewals, bilingual documents support.....

We install the software just for you

We install the software on you personal cloud account. This way you benefit from cloud hosting and at the same time you are able to customize our solution to your needs by us.

We can custom develop

Since you are hosted on private cloud, we can do a custom development for you to adress your specific needs. No need for in house development just take our solution and tell us what you want to add.

We do not overcharge you for extra units and users

With one flat rate you get access for unlimited quantity of users and property units you can manage with our system.

The fastest way to learn

What We DO

Modules and Services

Rent Module

Module for all renting processes and all financial transactions. Lease, payments, availability, reports,deposits, balance etc.. more

Maintenance Module

Module for property maintenance process. Fixes, Renovations etc. more

SQL Explorer Module

Module where it is possible to create plain SQL queries for DB for additional reporting with possibility of importing data into CSV and JSON formats. more

Admin Module

Configuration module to cutomize and create Master data for the application more


You are hosted on a Heroku cloud account. It is you personal acount where you add us as colaborator.Heroku is one of leading cloud platform providers owned by SalesForce it takes care of the Security of the platform more. Our application is protected by standard means of development framework such as user name and password and forms secret key.

Expense Module

Module to log and optimize your expenses.The capability of managing properties as a service provider.Limiting expenses with budget allocation.

Customer Support

With every sale we provide support for duration of 3 month that can be extended for a monthly fee. Support includes 3 monthly support requests.However in case you choose not get support and will require support in later time there is a one time fee to be charged on top of monthly support fee.

Custom Development

Since software is installed on personal Cloud account that means it can be customized according to your needs with additional functionality. Price is defined based on negotiation. Basically you can have a custom software solution without the overghead of inhouse development.


Ocasionally we will release new upgrades if you areon support plan you are eligible to receive those upgrades for minimal installation fee.

4000 USD Flat rate
100 USD Monthly support fee
250 USD Upgrade fee
1500 USD Restart of support plan

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